CP Sep II 1915 western Front

The German was eager to follow up the the success from the previous reaction phase.
But the French lines are getting more dense all the time.
Anyway there was 2-3 possible targets.
The Germans massed their best troops and got a 6:1 odds which resulted in a DH without getting modified by MGs and Art.
At that point it was discovered that French had counted wrong when calculating DH losses.
They calculated divisions getting cadred only the difference between division and cadre sides, not the full defense point from the division as it should been.
An appr. calculation was made that the about 4 real DH results previously would have resulted in about 48p MP points less than was taken.
So these points was returned to the French MP pool to be used for replacements.
Wonder how much they calculated wrong in the BX,DX and DL results.
These results happened mainly last during fall/winter 14-15 against trenches and fortresses.

The germans got back some divisions from the eastern front.
2 Guards divisions was returned but not in the shape they were sent. They got back as cadred.
However they are now were they belong as and at full strength.

The French once again managed the close the gap in the lines with sucessful reactions in the area.