Entente and CP AUG II 15 West Front

The French was preparing defenses once again against the German offensive.
THe British was calucalting for an attack but not the odds were not good enough so they prepared for exanding the their frontline southwards to help the French.

The CP did make an reaction attack which was a DE success. The hex was right outside Dijon.
Entente tried with success to repair the broken line in the exploitation to atleast a thin line.

CP depleted the Prussian manpower pool and still there are a few units in the replacement pool and a a couple of cadred divisions.

In the German combat phase 2 attacks were made. One few hexes south of Dijon and one NW of the fortress.
Getting an EX and DR was a partial sucess.
The german corps was not considered to be strong enough to make an full incirclement of the 3 corps in and south of Dijon. So one way out in the south of the fortress was left open.
So they French are given an opportunity to leave the pocket but hopefully atleast one French corps will be destroyed and Dijon be take.
Soon the French loss in moralpoints due casualties, lost fortresses and Zeppelin bombings will lead to French general demand to end the war and give CP the rights they have for so long been denied.

In the the reaction Entente withdraw some French corps from the frontline in a start of a general withdrawal and the British mad som preparing for making upgrades to their units.

Soon will the Ententes version follow. And more of the big events that occured in the Italian front.
Hopefully some pictures of the situation from the fronts also.

German High Command