Monfalcone, the second clash at sea!

The initial first clash of the two gigants in the Adriatic sea whent on for the whole day. The tight confinments of the blight at Monfacone meant that there where limited manovering space and little in the way of tactical manovers.

The Italian-British fleet lost a total of two task forces, a British pre-dreadnought and one armored cruiser task force. In addition to this a further four Italian taskforces suffered minor and major losses, crippeling the fleet.
Meanwhile the Austrian-Hungarian fleet lost six task forces and took variable losses to an other four task forces. The remaining Italian-British fleet manage to put some distance between the two fleets and steam to open waters, waiting for a French fleet on rout from Malta.

The movement away from the Austrian-Hungarian fleet took them into gunnery range of some coastal defence guns. These just making minor damage to the escaping fleet. After two days in relative calmness the Frenche fleet join4d up with the British-Italian and together the much needed reinforced fleet steamed into the Monfalcone blight again for the second major sea battle of the month.

R. Admiral Beatty
Entente Naval Forces

Naval combat in the bay of Monfalcone

The later parts of May contained the first major naval combat of the War.
Early rounds of the clash saw the Italian navy getting some hits on the Austria-Hungarian naval units. At first the battle was a tactical draw with the both combatants having minor hits on the other side. As the battle got more intense, some major hits where scored.
One of the Royal Navy's task force, that where sent to reinforce the Italian forces, where the first to sustain fatal hits. only minor supporting ships could limp out of the battle and reach safe harbours.

As this report is written, the battle is not ower.
Further reports will follow.

R.Admiral Beaty
Entente Naval Forces