This is the activity to expect from the French

This is photographic evidence of the major activities on the French sides.
As seen on this picture, a very hi level of readiness is to be expected.

General Ferdinand Foch

French Border Army

Jul I 1915 - Italian Front

The summer is almost in it peak here at the Italian - Austrian-Hungarian borders.
With hot weather and lots of sun the pace of the fighting has dwindle some, but as usual, the glories Italian forces are at work, maybe not in the most visible way, but still.

The Battles of Izonso (BoI) is now official started as General Cardorna intervened in the last weeks of June to tip a battle in favor of Italy.
During the initial weeks of July the 1st battle ended with fantastic results for the Italian army. We have liberated a very large part of land witch has been occupied by Austrian-Hungarian troops for so long. These lands are now in the hands of its proper owners again.

It is now time for the troops to restock, resupply and have the reinforcements get up to speed with trench warfare. So that the whole area can be liberated in time for the fall harvest times and celebrations.
After the combat readiness has been raised to the ordered level, the summer attacks will commence.

General Cardorna
CinC Italian Forces
Entente Southern European Front

Jul I 1915

On West Front the AngloFrench forces believed that it is All Quiet On The Western Front.
They even didn't bother to build fieldworks in their new line on the most southern part of the front.
The German reaction was to make a reaction attack on a poorly defended hex there.
The result was an EX after as usual the Entente machine guns and artillery made the battlefield into a bloody mess instead of letting their own troops retreat.
Then the French tried in exploitation fill in the gap from the reaction combat.
But as they did that they retreated so the Germans who took the losses was no longer in ZOC and hence could be rebuild in following initial.
And being again at full strength they could yet again attack and get new losses in combat phase.
However their losses from a HX-result was not in vain as the hex they now posses make the situation for 3 French corps dangerously close to be trapped between German troops and Swiss border.
Another attack was mad also close to Dijon. it was also turned into an EX by French MG and Art. However the hex is important. Soon the mustard fields of Dijon will be German and the French will not be able to have any mustard on their hot dogs.

Still is to see if our Zeppeliners can yet again make a successfull attack on military target in Paris. And if the French can make some reaction moves so we cannot exploit the gaps in the French lines

Feldmarschall von Falkenheyn