Jul I 1915 - Italian Front

The summer is almost in it peak here at the Italian - Austrian-Hungarian borders.
With hot weather and lots of sun the pace of the fighting has dwindle some, but as usual, the glories Italian forces are at work, maybe not in the most visible way, but still.

The Battles of Izonso (BoI) is now official started as General Cardorna intervened in the last weeks of June to tip a battle in favor of Italy.
During the initial weeks of July the 1st battle ended with fantastic results for the Italian army. We have liberated a very large part of land witch has been occupied by Austrian-Hungarian troops for so long. These lands are now in the hands of its proper owners again.

It is now time for the troops to restock, resupply and have the reinforcements get up to speed with trench warfare. So that the whole area can be liberated in time for the fall harvest times and celebrations.
After the combat readiness has been raised to the ordered level, the summer attacks will commence.

General Cardorna
CinC Italian Forces
Entente Southern European Front