Flue die roll +2

A failed flu die roll from the Italian CinC, Gen Cadorna, got the gaming prosponed this week.
With the die modifier up to +2 at the time for an extra flu die roll, the Italien leader faild the target number narrowly. And the battles had to be prosponed until next week.

Gen Cardorna
C-in-C Italian Armed Forces
Entente Southern Front
Europe Command

A new country gets involved in the war.

So has the time com for a new part to get involved in the war to end all wars.
The southern front has opend as Italy has entered the war on the Entente side. With furious attacks along its entire border with Austria-Hungary, Italy lashes out with all it strenght.
With much of the Alps as the terraing in wich to fight, tha battles where bloody, even thou the sizes of the forces involved doesn't nearly match that in the French - German border.

But never the less, the Italians losst more than 160000 men during the initial battles. With the loss of mearly 40000 soldiers for the Austrian-Hungarian forces, admittedly a rather large part of the forces deployed in the area, the ratio was a positive number for the Italian genral staff, Gen Cardorna comments.
Still in the middle of May, we might se some more operations from the Italians. And surly there will be some Austrian-Hungarien responses to these events.

Front reports from
Gen Ferdinand Foch.