Heroic countercharge at Izonso

The end of June saw hard fights att the lower parts of the river Izonso. The Italians made a massive countercharge against the Austrian-Hungarian 15th Mountain Rifle Corps. The same corps that earlier in the month attack and inflicted minor damage to our victorius 1st Heavy Cavallry Corps.

The Italian early summer run started at the north eastern part, close to the Suisse border, where a strong Austrian-Hungarian pioneer force where eliminated in an massive charge and blody attack.
Further east along the border, a major fortification area where attacked and sieged by the glorius 8th Corps with assistance of some of our greates mountain trained artillery and rifle units.

All this where just minor diversion for setting up the heroic countercharge at Izonso. Leading the charge where the lightly damaged 1st Heavy Cavalry Corps, supported by the 2nd and 3rd elite Corps.
The defenders made a strong case at defending the eastern bank and the surounding hills, at one point the outcome of the battle looked like it might be a total elimintaion of the Austrian-Hungarian forces. But there where some very well trained heavy infantry troops manning the last machinegun nests. And that resulted in the loss of large numbers of our young Italian men.
Men that is supposed to work in the factories, in the wineyards, at the farms.
Men that is supposed to care for thier family, care for thier parents, care for thier land.
And for thier land, thier friends, thiere family, for these they have gloriously sacrificed them selves so that we can regain lost lands from the hands of our enemies, the Austrian_Hungarian devils.


Gen Cardorna
C-in-C Italian Forces
Entente Southern Front
Europe Command