Entente Oct I 1915 Western front.

The weather stayed clear.

The French started to make rebuilding of cadres with the newly found reserves.
Wonder these soldiers had been all the time?
Perhaps on the Riviera but as they heard that the Huns are starting to threaten Lyon and if it falls then the way to the the Beaches in the south, they returned to the front.
But still the Germans can find corps to attack but they can only attack one and with only the best of the best to get 6:1 odds. It would be better to get 2 4:1 +1 odds but it's not anymore possible.

The Belgians started to make some scrapping so they can later rebuild some unit and get more units into the Belgian exile corps.

The Germans failed all reactions rolls (10 tries on 5-6!) giving the French some time to strengthen the lines.
In the exploiation the French move some more cadres to positions were they can be rebuilt.