Sep II 15, Southern Front, Entente report

No reinforcements for the Italians.
The Sp light XX moves to Mestre, just outside Venice to defend. 3 Army HQ moves to support the defence of Venice.

The Battle for Venice and the north eastern Italy has begun.
The battle is preluded by the wars first major bombarment strike, this is joint massive bombardment by units from the artillery corps, naval units in the port of Venice and low level bombers.
After the bombarment, lasting for 2 days, the attack i suddenly stopped.
It seems to be a general failure in the Italian high command. This opend for a rapid response by the Austrian-Hungarian forces already stage at the eastern and northern borders.
Moving fast they captured undefended land and meet no resistance at all.
This how ever lead to very thin support and supply lines extending over enemy territories.
Stopping short of a full encirclement of the Italian 2nd Army, they seemd to prepair for the next stage by early October.

Gen Cardorna
Italian Armed Forces.