Oct I 15 - Southern Front - Entente turn

After cleaning out the Italian high command from the its passive commanders, the new leadership showed strong will to do better.
One of the strongest Italian offencives since the Italians entered the war was undertaken.
Units from both the 3rd & 8th corps in addition to units stationed in Mestre, attacked the defending Austrian-Hungarian expedition force, 7 corps.
After the initial successfull recon a well coordinated attack was made, but the fiel troops where still efected by the old leaderships passivness and did not manage to overtake the Austrian-Hungarian forces.
It seems that they where well prepaird and dug in by the riverbanks.
After a week trying to push the Austrian-Hungarian 7 corps back towards Austria, the only result was very heavy losses in manpower for the Italians. Close to 63000 men had lost there lives or been injured very badly.
Lucky no heavy equipment were lost in the battle.

Austrian-Hungarian reinforcements has been seen to arrive at the scene. And some movements in the fast moving 7th corps seems to indicate more aggresive actions from the Austrians.

Gen Cardorna
Italian Armed Forces.