Entente Sep II 1915 Western front

The French rebuilt some units to try to stop the Germans in the south.

Somewhat unexpected help came from the Belgians, they rebuilt a cavalry cadre which could be converted to a full division if 2 other cavalry divisions were removed from replacement pool.
So they did. They also called up the training units, 3x 4-6-4 divisions.
Also some plans to make some scrapping was mentioned but first a check to not scrap units which can be used in useful conversions/upgrade/reorganization must be made.

The Brits was looking for a 2:1 attack on 9R corps but when the recon planes failed to see how the corps was organized in the trenches the Brits cancelled the attack.

The Germans rebuild the 4 cadred divisions. in the reaction phase the Germans reacted once again at the weakest point in the French lines.
The four rebuilt cadres and the elite formations deployed there came in handy to make a 6:1 attack from three hexes and not even needed to use combat supply.
The German recon planes made their job and the flying circus intercepted and aborted french bombers. However the german flak forgot to fire as they saw the French bombers burning in the skies so the rest of the French ground support came through.
The gas engineers and the heavy cavalry failed their attempt to use their specialty abilities.
The odd was a straigth 6:1, would have been 5.3:1 if the French would have used a combat supply.
The result from die roll was DR but as they French MG and Art hade made their job it turned into a HX leaving a cadre left on the french side of the fromerly 23p strong stack and making a 12-14-5 division cadred.

In the exploitation the French tried to prepare the lines for another CP assault in the coming turn and The Brits moved forward some reserves.

Some rumours of the wars first bombardment was heard from the Italian front but as the communications are poor nothing is confirmed yet.