Most of September I 1915 Western Front

For the French the production turn came as a relief as the replacements were badly needed.

In the most critical part of the western, the south, the French left Dijon fortress to it's destiny trying to retreat the troops from being encircled through a thin corridor back to own lines.
The Germans did not react even if the were plenty of HQ and even Falkenheyn.
So the French could continue to move away from risk of encirclement.
In the German turn however they got hit hard. A furious 3 hex attack supported by lots of recon, a fighter squadron, gas engineers and with some help from the tactical genius of Falkenheyn resulted in a 1 DH, 1 HX and one DR. And the DR result was against a completely encircled corps which got totaly annihilated, except for for some retreating soldier getting back to thelines through special replacements.

French retreated in the central part of the western front from behind Meuse river to the Seine.
The Germenas reacted somewhat moving forward some corps and in the German turn they moved in more corps and dug in beside the French lines.

In ther northern part the Brits made their part of the frontline one hex longer.
Question is how long will it take before the northern France will become a part of Great Bretagne sorry Britain.
The German did som reorganizations which made their lines stronger.

The next time we'll see if the French will react, especially at the two hex hole in their lines in the south. And if not then will the Germamns be brave enough to exploit the hole?