Mon Falcone, Odinese and the southern front.

Sept I 15, Southern Front.

News spread around the Italian border of the agressive attacks from the Austrian-Hungarians. This made the high command withdraw some units from the front lines to strenghten the defences in the back areas around Izonso river battle areas.
Unfortunatly the withdraw resulted in a somewhat chaotic deployment of the forces. This left the BTag unit alone in the middle between Mon Falcone and Odinese, exposed by a heavy attack by Austrian-Hungarian forces that had been reinforced by strong elite units, from the Kaisers own jaegers.

The 5:1 battle resulted left no defending Italian forces after the attack and Austrian-Hungarian forces marched in after combat to claim the battlefield.
Later on an second agressive move left an other 30-40km of Italian soil in Austrian-Hungarian hands and a responding Italian force far away.

An Italian attack in the northern borderfront resulted in heavy Italian losses, in the neighbourhood of 7-8000 soldiers got killed or where take prisoners. Wich in contrast to the meer 2-2500 Austrian-Hugarian losses meant a heavy dent in the commanding general Cardornas good recordbook soo far.
A quick march had taken the Italian forces to just under the nose of the Austrian-Hugarian forces that unfortanatly, have had the time to dig in and reinforce there positions.
The long planed attack att sunrise was turned into a blood shead by dusk as the retreating Italians hastly made it back to thier own lines.

It seems that the general staff suffers from late summer illness as they have contributed nothing to the battles in this area. Even the great general Cardorna has faild to lead in a forceful manner.

What might be a somewhat positive note is that the heroic Italian Air Force, Regio Aeronautica, manage to bomb the factories so much that they seased to produce for this turn.

This ends the report from the southern front.

Gen Cardorna
Italian Armed Forces