Italy letter of surrender

This is the letter of surrender from the Italian civil government.

We, the civilian leaders of Italy, find the current situation unbareble for the Italian people.
We therefore see no other solution than to negotiate a truth with the friendly and lovable nation of Austria-Hungary.
This is in spite of how the general staff of the heroic Italian armed forces see the situation.

We propose a step back of forces so that a zone no less than 45km can be created during the time of negotiation of terms for our surrender.
The river Poe is a preferable line at witch the Italian forces can be re-deployed at during the negotiations of out surrender.
After the terms has been accepted a gradual withdrawal, within dictated terms, will take place. Preferable to the borders used up until the 1915 will once again be the boundaries that can be used between Italy and Austria-Hungary.
Italy is prepared to surrender their heavy arms, immediately, only keeping their small arms for security reasons that we presume the Austrian-Hungarian government understands.
After the negotiation of terms and the withdrawal has been undertaken, all but border security forces will be decommissioned and the soldiers sent back to their families.

All Austria-Hungary families will be compensated for there losses, under terms negotiated. And likewise we would like to have our lost sons returned to our land for proper ceremonies.
The Italian civil government will see to perform necessary arrangement for those unfortunate souls of the Austrian-Hungarian forces that lost their lives on Italian soil.
These arrangements will be held according to the wishes of the Austrian-Hungarian government and people.

Antonio Salandra
Italian Prime Minster