Italy on the brink of disaster.

This just in from the Italian foreign ministry.

"All Italian embassy's should prepare for the immediate destruction of any material that have been labled with the "top secret" or higher security clearance.
This is a early warning in preparation for the possibility that Italian government will be overtaken and forced to relocate abroad."

This message was intercepted as it was transmitted to all Italian foreign contingents.
This includes protectorates, colonies, embassies and military commands.

It seams likely that the Italian government prepares for a imminent relocation in the face of Austrian-Hungarian forces taking control of Rome.
A proposed relocation is New York city, USA. This has for a long time been heard as a very possible place for a exile government of Italy, in the circles of the educated and reporters with knowledge of the inner workings in the government.
Rumors has it that some of the bigger families in New York has already begun a financial founding and recruitment of willing men in it ranks, for a expeditionary force to the home land in the future.

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