CP OCT II Western Front

Despite (or perhaps thanks to) many cadres the Germans managed to make 2 one hex attacks with 2 elite corps.
The effect was a DE and a DH-result on a 25p respectively 15p stacks.
The German fighter planes were aborted.
French recon planes were also aborted from concentrated AntiAir fire.

The Germans got reinforcements from east in from oform of 2 cadred divisions and 3 art regiments. Also 5 conversions of art regiments were made.
However 2 elite mountain divisions (1st and 2nd brAK) a were sent t o Balkans to make a push against the remnants of the Serbian Army and the Entente unit which has landed in Tessaloniki.

Once again the Entente managed to react on the critical part of the front where a a gap in the lines existed.
Also another reaction nearby prepared a French strategic withdrawal to shorten the the frontline.

The weather forecast for next turn is clear, giving hope to more linebreaking attacks.