CP OCT I 1915 and Oc tII 1915 Ent westfront

The German army did attack massively at the weakest part of the French line with 6:1 +1 odds.
Getting a HX result.
The French did however make a perfect retreat to 2 hexes as 2 active depots were equdistant from the battle field so no need for reaction movement to fill the holes.

The Entnente had many sucessful reaction rolls but not much could be done in them.
Only some preparations for reorganizations.

In the CP exploitation phase preparations for a giant 2- step reorganization fest was prepared.
So that in oct II the 2 Alpj├Ąger (brAK1 and brAK2) divisions could be sent to south balkan for the AustroHungarian, German and Bulgarian offensive in Macedonia.

The entente october II 1915 started with a clear weather roll.
So the summer offensives can continue.
The Brits did some reorganizations, didn't even bother to check for any eventual odds.
The French did try strengthen the line but in a sucessful reaction with help from Falkenheyn himself the Germans made a 6:1 reacion attack at the weakest point again int the french lines.
Getting a HX result was devastating for the French but also the Germans are getting weary from having to cadre it's elite divisions.
However the Kaiserlische Garde is still intact so they can attack the the lines that French mad a futile attempt to repair in the exploitation.