Aug I 15 CP turn - Entente report.

The French B34 corps, had a bad day when strong German troops attacked them at overwhelming 5:1 odds.
This attack where made on the anniversary of the opening of the war.

The German forces has been doing a shifting of forces towards the southern front during the first half of the year. This seems now to done as there where an increase of activity of the German forces.
In addition to the attack mentioned abow, two more major attacks where done in the southern sector.

One attack NE of Auxerre against the 33 corps crippled the corps severely. Only a cadre strength unit of the 12th division survived an are now holding position.

As the 15 corps suffered as hard as the other corps attacked during this August offensive. This despite being dug in and having made defensive preparations.

As it now looks, the French southern front are close to a collapse and that might open the road to Paris for the German forces.
The only strong forces on French soil seems to be the ever increasing number of English and Commonwealth troops.
This August saw the first of the elite-classed ANZAC troops arrive at the theatre.

Only the future can show if the Central Powers are stoppable before reaching Paris.