An other WWI wargame

This is the introduction to an other WWI wargame, to witch I found the link at the Consimworld site:

The First World War is a board wargame made by the Dutch game company Phalanx Games and distributed in the United State by Mayfair Games. It is a strategic-level game of the three primary theaters of the war in Europe, covering the western theater of France and Belgium, the southern theater in Italy, and the eastern theater from the Baltic Sea to Greece. Notably absent are Ottoman Turkey and the Middle East; these are not geographically as far removed from the scope of the game as, say, the western African battles of Count Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. Also absent are any naval forces. That does not, however limit the dramatic scope of the game, or in any way diminish the magnitude on which the battles rage.

The game is designed by Ted Raicer, one of the game world’s foremost boardgame experts on World War I. Of the seventeen games credited to him on, well over half cover some aspect of WWI, and another deals with the Russian Revolution, which directly affected the pullout of the Russians from The Great War.

The review is on "The Wargamer" site, head over there and read it.