The hard reality of trench warfare

During the past weeks there has been at large outbreak of flu and other mysterius illnes in the trench-lines in France and Italy.
This has effected the fighting capabiliies of the participants in the War to end all wars.

The latest casulty to this minor plauge to hit the westfron was the Austrian-Hungarian leader.

This has had the effect of a rather quiet front in the west.
Before this period of illness the Italians where making early fighting with the Austrian-hungarian forces on its borders in the Alps and to the east.

Compared to the battles in France these clashes might be considered minor or even just border scrimishes. But they have a great impact on the forces involved.

The Italians have finaly meet the elephant and has realiesed the cruel reality of war, especially a war in high moutain terrain.
So far the Austrian-Hungarian forces have not made that a big of a reaction, but it will surly come in due time.

Gen Cardorna
C-in-C Italian Armed Forces
Entente Southern Front
Europe Command